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How to Raise Chickens, Voyageur Press 2013
How to Raise Poultry, Voyageur Press 2014

The Backyard Field Guide to Chickens, Voyageur Press, anticipated publication Spring 2016


Marine Mammals

         Elephant seals store up fat like camels, March 2016, The Cambrian        

         Elephant Seals Molt, July 2015, The Cambrian

         Female Elephant Seals leave on their migration, June 2015, The Cambrian

         Seals share the coast with other wildlife, May 2015, The Cambrian

         Spring female molt, April 2015, The Cambrian

         Weaners face life, March 2015, The Cambrian

         Fights can scar seals for life, February 2015, The Cambrian

         Don't trifle with the beachmaster, January 2015, The Cambrian

         Bulls return for the breeding season, December 2014, The Cambrian

         Juveniles make way for the adults, November 2014, The Cambrian

         Sharks and seals, October 2014, The Cambrian

         Crowds of young seals, September 2014, The Cambrian

         Age and size among juveniles, August 2014, The Cambrian

         Tattered and torn skin comes off, July, 2014, The Cambrian

          Orphaned Otters Find a Home, Audubon, 2013


            A Decade of Change at Backyard Poultry magazine, January 2016

Diversity in Action: The Options in Education section and short features.


Poultry: My poultry blog encompasses original writing on poultry issues as well as articles by others. Poultry is the focus, extending to relevant issues of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

Elephant Seals: The Piedras Blancas rookery attracts about 20,000 seals over the course of the year. That many seals means plenty of activity, the focus of this blog. Related ocean issues are also included, in both original posts and posts from other observers.


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